Other Seuss Rooms

Over the years, we've collected a few pictures from other rooms that were inspired by Noah's room.

Most of them were lost in the "Great Outlook Crash!" of 2004, but here are a few that made it. We'll add more as we get them.

If you have pictures of a room like this, whether we inspired you or not, please feel free to drop me a line - we'd love to see the pictures, and with your permission, share them here.

Josey's room in McKinney, Texas



Michelangelo's room in Nashville, TN

Here's what Michelangelo's Mom had to say:

My husband and I also did our son, Michelangelo's, room in Dr. Seuss. It's what we grew up with and there was no question from the beginning that it was what we wanted to do. We worked on the room over the summer of 1998. Michelangelo was born Sept. 8, 1998 and we didn't find out until then that he was a boy (we waited for the surprise), but figured Dr. Seuss would not only work for a boy or girl, but also would work for a child as well as just a baby, taking us all the way through those childhood years. In '98 there was even less Seuss stuff to find than there is now, so we went the overhead projector on the wall route, too, and muraled the entire room all the way around (Cat in the Hat, the Lorax, Horton, One Fish Two Fish) complete with hand drawn scenery (bushes, trees).

My husband, Michael, is definitely the artist of the family and did all the freehand background drawings and painted the detail stuff. I did the furniture and painted in the big areas and picked all the colors for the paint. We just recently switched the crib to a toddlers bed (it's convertible), but the crib had cartoony feet on it. The toddler bed still has the bent cartoony arms. When we saw it we thought it was perfect for a Seuss room, not only because of the design, but the multiple bright colors. The bed is blue, green and yellow, but the crib had some red panels, too, that were the feet



Catherine's and Jason's Son's Room

Here is what Catherine had to say:

I know the walls will look familiar to you, only I painted the striped border on the bottom. I painted the toybox, stool and the small dresser, all using your recommended methods. It was fun! The framed cards came from Hallmark. I found a few ceramic things (One Fish Two Fish canisters and a Horton piggy bank) from a store in Columbia, SC - Cartoon Connection, plus a stuffed Cat in the Hat from eBay. The crib bedding came from the Eddie Bauer Home catalog and it matches really well. Hope you enjoy!


Cole's room in Orlando, FL

Here is what Cole's Mom had to say:

My husband and I had a friend paint Cole's room. It took him a little over 3 months working in the evenings after work. We also got a ceiling fan painted to match the room too! We chose Dr. Seuss for 2 reasons really, #1 it was the theme for my husbands room when he was a little boy and #2 it was a unisex theme. (we didn't know the sex of our baby) It seemed to work well. I do have to say that I is hard to find Dr. Seuss themed baby nursery stuff so we pretty much had to create our nursery from scratch. For the accessories, since the walls are so busy I decided to go with solid colors. Cole's crib is done in yellow, the pad on his changing table is red, the glider is blue.....you get the idea.