"After Paint" Pictures

Much better!

For a "how to" on what we did to paint the stripes, click HERE.

Want to see the completed room? CLICK HERE!

In case you are wondering, the blue color is called "Brittany Blue" from Ralph Lauren (at Home Depot).

The only advice I'll give you about painting is

Buy good paint - the blue was expensive paint and it covered the white in just one coat (except for a few areas where I rushed). The red was cheap paint and I had to put on 4 or 5 coats before it really looked good.

If you get custom mixed colors, and you get more than one gallon - mix them together in a bigger bucket before you start. Our two gallons were just a shade off and we ended up having to put on another coat to fix it.

Buy good paint brushes - a friend made me buy a $15 brush ("But I can get 5 of these cheap ones for the same price!") - and let me tell you - a good brush makes the work go much faster.